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    How the Chris Paterno Gives Back – Beyond Music

    How do you make sure all elements of a live event fit your positive vibes theme?

    We were lucky to snag the Chris Paterno Band for SustainPHL – after all, they recently got signed by BlacBird Productions (by nine-time Grammy-winning producer Joe Nicolo) for their self-titled EP. The Chris Paterno Band set the joyous mood during cocktail hour with their soulful originals and throwback covers.

    The Chris Paterno Band is an 8-piece band, mixing the 70’s horn sound with rootsy folk (indie soul). Based in Philadelphia (via Havertown), Chris Paterno formed the band in 2015 after being asked by the Philadelphia Freedoms to play the pre-match bloc party at the Villanova Pavilion. Paterno kept in touch and paired up with his 9th grade English teacher Doug Parsons, and formed the rest of the band from there.

    The band has been playing around time at local spots like MilkBoy, World Cafe Live, and others. As Chris mentioned, he loves the Philly music scene with local venues and enthused audience members.

    How Chris Paterno Band Gives Back

    Chris Paterno Band

    The coolest part about the Chris Paterno Band? They want to give back as they do what they love.

    The EP (released September 30th) and streaming proceeds give back up to 20% to Project Home and Episcopal Academy Memorial Fund.

    While in High School at Episcopal Academy, Chris started a service program at Project Home called “Free Music Fridays,” where they gave free music lessons to kids at the Honickman Learning Center. The program lasted five years, but Paterno wanted to continue the philanthropic aspect and chose to give a portion of the proceeds to the organizations mentioned above.

    As Paterno mentioned, if he can put food on his plate and a roof over his head, he’s happy to give ‘extra” money to someone who needs a roof or food through Project Home.

    Check out the Chris Paterno Band

    Want to see this great band for yourself? Grab tickets to one of the Chris Paterno Band’s upcoming shows:

    November 25th: World Cafe Live

    December 5th: Bourbon & Branch, solo set

    You can download the EP online here.


    Photos: Caitlyn Grabenstein

    Note: The Chris Paterno Band performed at SustainPHL.

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