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  • Eagles’s Lincoln Financial to be #1 Green Stadium in WORLD!

    Apparently, the Eagles are leaving no stone un-turned.

    After a kick-ass performance by Vick & 59-28 victory on Monday night and as we reported yesterday, PETA naming the Linc as #1 most vegetarian-friendly NFL stadium, the Eagles announced their plans to becoming the greenest stadium in the World.

    Talk about a few week’s accomplishments.

    By next opening day next September, the Linc will have 2500 solar panels on the roof & facade, 100 spiral sharped wind turbines and a cogenerational power plant to run biodiesel or natural gas to fully power any game, lights, sound &  crowd roars.

    Over the next 2 decades, the Eagles can save $60 million in energy costs.

    The Linc can compete for the  unofficial title of “World’s Greenest Stadium” with Dragon Stadium in Taiwan (100% solar powered) and Stade de Suisse arena in Bern, Switzerland (powered completely by solar).

    According to Philly.com, Eagles president Joe Banned explained, “We take a city in which we have a mayor talking about becoming the greenest city in the country, and we create what we believe – and we’ve researched it – to be the most advanced project of its kind in the world.

    This isn’t the first Eagles green initiative – their Go Green Campaign boasted a 31.7% recycling rate in 2009, and the Linc used 50% less energy in 2009 than when it opened.

    Will the Phillies start competing for the “World’s greenest stadium” title too?

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