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    Fox Net Impact: Local Students Helping Corporate Sustainability

    One of the biggest challenges in the corporate world is convincing leaders or owners to incorporate sustainability habits into the workplace.  For the eco-minded individual, it can be a headache.  Finding out my prior employer took the ‘recycle bins’ and emptied them into the garbage frustrated myself and a colleague beyond belief (which inspired the birth of this very blog you’re reading…)

    Luckily, local college students are trying to change the corporate world’s habits.

    Fox Net Impact is Temple’s MBA graduate students who are dedicated to corporate sustainability.  A group based off the national “Net Impact” network, students are finding ways to incorporate sustainability & environmental responsibility INTO the business world.  Often sparked by passion, these students are crucial to the future of corporate America.  They realize (like we do) that the larger population isn’t as enthusiastic about sustainability, but want to find translations to spread the word.

    Obviously, companies won’t always ‘care’ for the environment, so translating the message is crucial.  For example, bottom lines/cutting waste are the key points to speak to the corporate world instead of the ‘better for mankind’ route.  Another way to sell the word is explaining that carbon emissions aren’t free – instead, it’s literally burning money into the atmosphere.  While it’s crucial to get buy-in from the top, it doesn’t hurt if the companies already have the culture to embrace these initiatives.

    I spoke with Jon David, president of the group set to graduate in May, to learn more about Fox Net & his goals.  His Fox internship helped spark corporate sustainability into local hospitality organizations, including many CFL bulbs & recycling into regional hotels.  Many graduate students like David are placed on boards for Nonprofits throughout the region, getting a taste of real-life scenarios.  Luckily, these experiences are effective: he definitely wants to incorporate sustainability into his post-graduate life.

    Fox Net Impact’s Social Entrepreneurship Conference held today focused on sustainable transportation. Along with the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute, they gathered speakers from SEPTA, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Wash Cycle Laundry, Chevy & more.  They want students to think more about issues like commuting, driving & Carbon emissions as they enter the corporate world.  (Sidenote: We’re hoping to get a recap soon since we couldn’t attend, so we’ll update you when we do!)

    We’re excited that students in Philadelphia are making an impact and can’t wait to hear about their future progress!

    Julie Hancher

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    Julie Hancher is Editor-in-Chief of Green Philly, sharing her expertise of all things sustainable in the city of brotherly love. She enjoys long walks in the park with local beer and greening her travels, cooking & cat, Sir Floofus Drake.

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