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    Meet the SustainPHL Nominees: Business Innovation

    Next up in our SustainPHL nominees, we introduce the Business Innovation category. These nominees are a for-profit company with a new and innovative product, solution or service.

    In August, Philadelphia’s SustainPHL Awards will highlight and celebrate these community changemakers. Join us to celebrate these visionaries and announce the recipient at the SustainPHL Awards on August 3rd at WHYYBu

    SustainPHL 2017 Business Innovation Nominees

    • OxiCool
    • SALT Design Studio (Chester Arthur School project)
    • AnneeLondon


    Did you know that 95% of the world’s air conditioners use harmful greenhouse gases? By 2050, it is estimated that 27% of global warming will be due to air conditioning gases.

    OxiCool has created the world’s first environmentally friendly, energy-efficient air conditioning technology. It uses water molecules as its refrigerant. OxiCool uses water molecules as its refrigerant, so there are no harsh chemicals or rare-Earth minerals in the system. The technology can be used in transportation, buildings, and products.

    OxiCool Founder and CEO, Ravikant Barot, started thinking a lot about global warming after the birth of his son. “What kind of world are we leaving our children?” he asked. He wasn’t happy with the answer. The mission statement he wrote is straightforward: “OxiCool is focused on increasing the life of our planet Earth and the quantity and quality of the life of its inhabitants.”

    SALT Design Studio (Chester Arthur School project)

    With the creation of a new outdoor learning environment, Chester Arthur School is redefining the traditional schoolyard model. As the recipient of a $1.2 million grant from the William Penn Foundation and a stormwater grant from the Philadelphia Water Department, renovations to this urban public school concentrated on translating the school’s STEM curriculum for outdoor learning. SALT Design Studio developed a series of educational labs to transform the asphalt schoolyard into a dynamic arena for studying habitat, systems, motion, and energy. The renovated schoolyard offers hands-on opportunities for teachers to bring STEM outdoors, giving students the chance to experience learning in the landscape.

    Design moves include reorienting the existing on-site parking to create a new schoolyard entry at a prominent pedestrian corner, an outdoor classroom, interactive water wall and rain gardens for play and learning. Completion is expected soon.


    When Founder Rachel Benyola grew up in a not-so-pleasant home, she found her bicycle as a refuge and way to escape. Then one of her friends became permanently blind in one eye during a bike crash, which could have been prevented if she was wearing a helmet.  Fast forward, and it makes total sense that Benyola founded a startup to help others enjoy a safe ride.

    AnneeLondon created the safest, longest lasting folding helmet, the London helmet, made for cyclists and skateboarders alike. People refuse to wear traditional helmets because they are inconvenient, bulky and often unattractive. The LONDON folds down to 30% of its original size for quick and easy storage and is twice as safe as conventional helmets in lab tests. 

    Another model in the works will be for African American and female cyclists for thicker, braided and styled hair.  

    Who will be the 2017 Business Innovation recipient? Join us for SustainPHL on August 3rd to find out who will become the 2017 Sustainability Mentor!

    Julie Hancher

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