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    Meet the SustainPHL Nominees: #FuturePHL

    These #FuturePHL nominees are propelling Philadelphia’s future in sustainability.

    In August, Philadelphia’s SustainPHL Awards will highlight and celebrate 3 of these community changemakers. Join us to celebrate these visionaries and announce our award recipient at the SustainPHL Awards on August 3rd at WHYY!

    #FuturePHL 2017 Nominees

    • Greenworks
    • Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm
    • Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC)


    In November 2016, the Office of Sustainability (OOS) published Greenworks: A Vision for a Sustainable Philadelphia. The first plan was published in 2009.

    Greenworks: A Vision for a Sustainable Philadelphia builds on local sustainability achievements over the last eight years and responds to feedback from residents and issue experts asking OOS to deepen our commitment to equity and provide opportunities for individuals, communities, and institutions to get involved in achieving each of eight sustainability visions. OOS works with partners around the city to improve the quality of life in all Philadelphia neighborhoods, reduce the City’s carbon emissions, and prepare Philadelphia for a hotter, wetter future.

    Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm

    Cloud9 Farm

    Philadelphia, like many post-industrial cities, struggles with food security, diet-related diseases, environmental health issues, stormwater management, and climate change. Cloud 9 partners with buildings and community groups to leverage rooftop spaces in Philadelphia to improve access to food and green space in the cityscape.

    Cloud 9 builds collaborative gardens from the ground-up. Through community programming, installation, and skill development, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support in rooftop and urban agriculture to improve food security, environmental health, wellness, and offer opportunities for social and cultural engagement.

    Programs include the Guild House West, an apartment building for low-income seniors, where Cloud 9 works with residents growing herbs for medicinal and culinary uses in a rooftop garden. In partnership with an on-site food pantry, residents and Cloud 9 staff prepare and distribute teas, spice blends, and salves. At The Kirkbride Center, Cloud 9 works with clients in drug and alcohol recovery who are developing a healing garden program.

    Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC)DVGBC

    Delaware Valley Green Building Council (DVGBC) is impacting local sustainability through a variety of initiatives to help reduce the built environment’s impact on climate change and improve buildings’ overall sustainability.  DVGBC believes it is important to serve as the voice of the sustainable building community to support and maximize the impact of green building leaders through education and advocacy so they can make a positive impact on the environment.

    Philadelphia 2030 District: DVGBC is challenging property owners and managers to reduce energy and water use and transportation emissions by 50 percent by the year 2030. Currently, 12 million square feet of building space has committed to these goals, and DVGBC is providing participants with strategies to increase awareness and change behavior, improve operations and make strategic capital investments in order to meet these goals.

    DVGBC takes on advocacy work to engage local and federal government officials in supporting city and state legislation that promotes sustainability, is an advocate and leader of The City Energy Project to create healthier and prosperous cities by improving the energy-efficiency of buildings, and DVGBC serves as a leading expert on local green stormwater infrastructure initiatives.

    In the Philadelphia 2030 District, DVGBC is challenging property owners and managers to reduce energy and water use and transportation emissions by 50 percent by the year 2030.

    Join us for SustainPHL on August 3rd to find out who will become the 2017 #FuturePHL recipient!

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