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    Moore College of Art & Design continues to set a green example in the college community.  Furthering their commitment to be more eco-friendly since 2007, they’ve replaced the majority of paper products in student dining halls with plates made from tempered glass, reusable plastic cups and silverware. (The glassware is greener than chinaware because of durability and recyclable if damaged or flawed in the production process.)

    This recyclable dishware movement came about in part from an Environmental Task Force at the College. Comprised of students, staff and faculty, the team promotes responsible sustainable practices at the College through educational programs and building initiatives.

    Moore College of Art & Design’s green initiatives:

    • A student run art supply swap
    • Use of compact fluorescent bulbs in place of incandescent campus widemoore college art & design sustainable dining hall
    • Installation of new energy efficient windows in Stahl Hall and Sarah Peter Hall
    • Campus wide recycling program for paper, bottles and cans
    • Systematic, required training for all new students and faculty on use of and disposal of art and design materials.

    “We are very excited to be making this change for the good of our environment,” said Anthony Condo, SAGE Dining Food Service Director. “Reducing our use of paper goods will not only help save the environment, but also help us save money, allowing us to improve the student dining experience.” A limited amount of paper products are available for students to make meals “to go”.

    Emma Moore, a senior art education major appreciates the College’s initiative to help protect the environment: “I can’t help but think of all the paper plates and dishes I’ve thrown out over the years…They’ve made a lot of positive changes in the cafeteria.”

    Great way to set an example Moore!  Hope they continue their eco-friendly fashion shows again, too.


    Julie Hancher

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