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  • Phillies Playoff Fever – Red Goes Green, Philadelphia!

    The Phillies-Dodgers NLDS playoff series is heating up! With plays like a game-tying two-run homerun from Victorino & Stairs’ two-run hit in last night’s game 4 –  we Philadelphians are on the edge of our seats one game away from our 1st shot at the World Series since 1993. 

    As we root on the Fightin’ Phils, it also makes sense to acknowledge our beloved Philadelphia’s team enviro-efforts with their ‘Red Goes Green‘ campaign.

    Back in May, the Phillies signed up to buy 20 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy for the 43,500-seats of Citizen’s Park.  This purchase offsets the carbon footprint of the stadium for one year, making the Phillies the largest green power purchaser in Major League baseball.  This also earns the Phillies of the 3rd largest green power purchaser in Philly (and 7th in PA!)

    While attending many Phillies games this past season, I noticed some other green initiatives in the park such as:

    • Recycling bins for glass, plastic and cardboard
    • Carry-out trays made of 100% post consumer fiber
    • Think it’s a coincidence Victory Brewing company & many local establishments sell food?  Nope – food at the ballpark is locally grown produce & organic foods
    • Frying oil is recycled by the Phillies to be used as bio-diesel fuel
    • Environmentally friendly cleaning products & bio-enzyme to remove grease trapped in kitchen drain pipes
    • The facility is converting to lighting that used LEDs (80% less power than incandescent bulbs)
    • Recycling rain water for landscaping & field irrigation
    • Condiment dispensers (instead of individual packs)

    Who said red and green were just for Christmas?

    For play by play action from Game 4 check out Recliner GM’s live blog post

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    Julie Hancher

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