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  • 8 Secret Gardens to Visit in Philadelphia This Spring Bird-Sanctuary Full view

    8 Secret Gardens to Visit in Philadelphia This Spring

    No matter how long you live in Philadelphia, there are always more cool things to discover.

    These city gardens are some of the best-hidden gems. Whether you’re looking for a quiet lunch spot or place, check these Philadelphia gardens off your list.

    Philadelphia’s Hidden Gems: Secret Gardens in the City

    Spruce Hill Bird Sanctuary
    Photo: Spruce Hill Community Association

    1. Spruce Hill Bird Sanctuary

    One of West Philly’s best-kept secrets is the Spruce Hill Bird Sanctuary. Hidden amongst row homes, the Spruce Hill Bird Sanctuary is a great place to spot for birdwatching. Keep an eye out for everything from chickadees and goldfinches to the occasional hawk.

    Spruce Hill Community Association volunteers, Anne Froehling, Julie Bush, and Richard Guffanti, banded together to create the space out of an abandoned lot and continue to maintain the bird haven.

    Visit: S Melville St. Philadelphia, PA 19139

    Perth and Addison Garden
    Photo: Yelp

    2. Perth and Addison Park

    Tucked among colonial houses a hop and skip off of South Street, the small and tranquil Perth and Addison Park is a must-see. With its flowerbeds, trees, and benches the place just screams perfect setting for a meet-cute or romantic stroll.

    Visit: 420 S Perth St

    Summer Winter Garden
    Photo: West Philadelphia Landscape Project

    3. The Summer Winter Garden

    Nestled in Powelton Village near Summer and Winter streets lies the Summer Winter Community Garden. The garden is entirely volunteer-run and is one of Philadelphia’s oldest community gardens. Along with its beautiful plots and paths, the garden is home to a mosaic installation by local artist, Karen Krivit.

    Best of all, volunteer gardeners grow food for the PHS City Harvest which helps provide fresh produce for low-income families.

    Visit: N Natrona St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

    Photo: Center City District Parks

    4. John F. Collins Pocket Park

    “Pocket park” is an accurate description for this small sanctuary hidden in plain sight. Down the street from One Liberty Place, John F. Collins Pocket Park is the perfect secluded spot to relax with high walls, full trees, and calming fountain.

    Visit: 1707 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    18th Century Garden
    Photo: National Park Service

    5. The Gardens of Independence National Historical Park

    The colonial style gardens are a little-known oasis in the 40-acre Independence National Historical Park. Maintained by the National Park Service, the Rose, Magnolia, Benjamin Rush, and 18th-Century Gardens show what Philadelphia gardens would have looked like in the 1700s. Visit in the spring for flowering trees or picnic amongst the lush greenery in the summer.

    Visit: 1 N Independence Mall W, Philadelphia, PA 19106 and see the National Park Service map of the gardens

    Catherine Park
    Photo: Catherine Park Facebook Page

    6. Catherine Park

    Besides its cuteness, Catherine Park’s claim to fame is that it is Philadelphia’s smallest green space at just 0.02 acres. It also has an inspiring story beginning during the 1980’s when the park was a hotspot for crime.The neighborhood fought to save the park, including in 2013 with a renovation. The park now boasts a playground, garden, and vibrant community gatherings.

    Visit: 2200 S 22nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

    Spring Gardens
    Photo: Visit Philly

    7. The Spring Gardens

    Located just a few blocks from the Eastern State Penitentiary is a large community garden. The site was once an abandoned lot, but community members converted it to a garden in 1995. The Spring Gardens is now a thriving community garden serving about 180 local families. The garden’s raised bed plots, abundant trees, and open green space make it a favorite spot for picnics, neighborhood gatherings, and events. Check out their calendar here.

    Visit: N 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

    Green Wall
    Photo: Gro2 Living Wall Systems

    8. Independence LIVE Community Center’s Green Wall

    The green wall outside the Independence Blue Cross building is a pleasant surprise in Center City. This seating area is open to the public, so enjoy this surprise splash of greenery during lunch.

    Visit: 1919 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Readers, what are your favorite Philadelphia hidden garden gems?

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