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    VZ Wraps: Sustainable Alternative to Wrapping Paper

    VZ Wraps sustainable wrapping paper
    Who are the lucky recipients of my gifts all wrapped up?

    After a surge of holiday ‘theme’ days… Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Giving Tuesday.. the holidays are sneaking up on us faster than ever. Yet ever consider how much disposables of boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon and bags are involved?

    Although you can reuse wrapping paper or go without, there’s still something about having a gorgeous gift wrapped up in a colorful design.

    VZWraps: Greener than disposable wrapping paper

    VZ Wraps are the classy, reusable solution for gifts.

    These bright-colored and nicely decorated wraps are quality fabric perfect for the gift of your choosing. Are you wrapping inept? VZ Wraps come with a nice bow around the top so you don’t have to worry about wrapping – just pull the tie and your gift is done.

    The carbon footprint of these bags are low: VZ Wraps are made in the USA from organic and traditional cotton, and most of the ribbon is reused from recycled materials.

    The best part? VZ Wraps are the gift that keep on giving. Whenever you give the gift, the recipient can pay the ‘green’ forward by using it again for their next gift.

    VZ Wraps Review – Support a Local Business

    VZ Wraps is a Sustainable Business Network (SBN) member and Green America Certified Bronze member. Each bag is made without creating more waste, and the only product ‘packaging’ is a paper clip.

    Mother of two, Isabelle Vesey of Havertown PA created VZWraps when she just couldn’t keep throwing out the packing materials from gifts. Instead, she went off to a fabric store and created her own version of reusable gift bags. The idea stuck and grew into a wonderful business that she has today!

    VZ Wraps can be used year-round, although there are many seasonal options for Christmas, Hanukkah, the fall and birthdays. I gave my BFF a custom made photo book wrapped in a larger VZ Wrap for her birthday this fall, and the wrapping got people talking. I received a few more wrappings that I’m saving for Christmas: the gift that keeps on giving (wine bags) and one other. 🙂

    Plus, each VZ Wrap comes with a tiny label that tells you the size (from mini-gift card holder, wine bottle bag to large), the type of fabric and type of ribbon.

    VZ Wrap Sale

    Want to grab VZ Wraps? There’s 15% off all orders over $40 and FREE shipping through today only.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates for sales and gift ideas.


    **Note: I did receive a few VZ Wrap samples but was not compensated for this post. Opinions entirely my own, as always. 

    Julie Hancher

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