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  • Watch PennFuture’s New Documentary on Oil Trains pennfuture-oil-trains Full view

    Watch PennFuture’s New Documentary on Oil Trains

    What’s the deal with oil trains?

    We’ve tackled the oil train dilemma in Philadelphia previously, and there’s a new documentary about the problem.

    PennFuture recently partnered with student and activist Jeremy Griffin to create a documentary on Pennsylvania oil trains. Griffin lives within the oil train blast zone (like more than 700,000 Philadelphia residents that live near an oil train route).

    So what’s the big deal? PennFuture notes many problems including poor oversight of railroad bridges, a lack of transparency, and minimal access to rail maintenance records in PA. The Delaware River Basin watershed provides drinking water to more than 15 million people, so the potential disaster would be huge.

    Watch the full documentary is below and read more on PennFuture.

    PennFuture Oil train Documentary

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