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People, you know you want to cut down on plastic consumption in your home.

Here’s a simple tip to head in that direction – nix the plastic hand soap and dish soap bottles!

Resuable containers and bottles can be refilled with soap on the reg and they also tend to be more aesthetically pleasing – a bonus if you are into pretty bathroom accessories.  Plus you’ll save some cash in the long run.  I typically purchase a large bag of soap solution from Target or Whole Foods and it lasts about 3 months.

You can find resuable containers most anywhere that sells bath supplies – I picked up some porcelain containers from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

If you’re really ambitous you could also make your own soap.

And, don’t forget that for the shower or bath a bar is typically a more sustainable choice.


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One Response to Friday Quickie: Choose Reusable Hand & Dish Soap Containers

  1. Stephanie says:

    Good idea, so obvious yet I forgot about a that source of plastic. I wonder what else is lurking in my home? Dun dun dun

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