recycle bubble wrapOur Twitter friends at The Hub asked:

Whether you’ve just moved (as well) or received some gifts wrapped in bubble wrap over the holiday season, packaging may be unavoidable. What can you do with bubble wrap after you’re finished with it?

Reusing resources is always the best option. Try donating it to a shipping store or listing it on CraigsList or Freecycle. Residents (and businesses) are constantly moving, so there should be someone who has a need for it!

Also, Bubble Wrap DOES have a recycling program.

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  • Heidi

    Some suggest using bubble wrap to line your windows in the winter to keep heat in and reduce your energy usage. If you Google “Bubble wrap to insulate windows” you’ll find instructional videos. I’ve yet to try this, but my apartment is very drafty so maybe I will check out CL for some used bubble wrap :)

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