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    Where to Recycle Your Old Yoga Mat: DIY and Donation Ideas

    Calling all yogis! What can you do with that extra yoga mat you have laying around the house? Luckily, there are plenty of options on how to recycle your mat without necessarily getting rid of it altogether.

    As far as equipment goes, yoga is extremely undemanding. Basically, all you need is your body, a super-cute outfit and mat. Because of the stresses that a yoga mat goes through, it can get worn down or lose its grip after a while, leaving you in need of an upgrade.

    Although your yoga mat won’t stay with you forever, it doesn’t have to go to waste! Here are a few DIY recycling ideas and tips on where to dump your mat if you’re not into that creative stuff.

    Old Yoga Mats: DIY and Recycling Tips

    DIY = repurpose old yoga mats

    • Turn your yoga mat into a rubbery bulletin board.
    • Cut out a piece of your mat to use as a jar opener.
    • Cut your mat in half, glue on some pretty stones, and use it as a doormat.
    • If you have a few extra mats, stack them securely, cover the stack with a patterned cloth, then throw some pillows on top to make a ‘down-to-Earth’ lounging cushion.
    • Place it underneath your pet’s food bowls to keep them from moving around.
    • Cut out circles to use as coasters.
    • Take it with you on picnics and use it instead of, or under your blanket.
    • Place sections of your mat into your kitchen cabinets to keep your plates and bowls from sliding around.

    How to Recycle yoga mats

    • Call Lululemon’s Center City Philly location to see if they are hosting a mat drop (they do these every few months)
    • Check with your local yoga studio to see if they will take it as a donation.
    • Donate to a homeless shelter to be used as a sleeping mat.
    • In the regular old recycling bin. (Most mats are made of recyclable rubber, PVC, or latex)

    Readers, have you donated or repurposed your yoga mat in another way? Tell us in the comments.

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