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    Where to Recycle Important Documents – Safe & Secure

    Worried about recycling documents containing sensitive information? No need to stress!

    Safe ways to recycle sensitive documents

    Recycling is a pretty automated process, so there isn’t much time to look at documents. Workers in recycling facilities are very unlikely to try or be able to steal sensitive information. It’s simply impractical with (literal) tons of paper going through recycling MRFs each year in a fast and highly automated process.

    But if you worry about the possibility of someone pulling a credit card statement or other sensitive documents out of your recycling bin, there are ways to recycle and still make sure your information is secure.

    Shred important documents

    If you don’t have your own shredder and don’t want to invest in one, there are companies, like ShredOne, in Philadelphia that specialize in shredding documents. If you do go the shredding route, make sure to contain the paper shreds in a paper bag and fold it closed to prevent a mess of paper shreds.

    Compost it

    If you’re apprehensive about a sensitive document, another option is to compost it. Most paper is readily recyclable as long as it’s not glossy or waxy.

    The best way to do it by wrapping food scraps in the paper and then compost as usual. As long as your worms aren’t in the business of identity theft, your information will be very safe.

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