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    Where Can I Recycle Used Crayons?

    recycle used crayonsThe school year is starting back up, and many youngin’s will be coloring joyously. What do you do when your kids have moved on and are finished with crayons? With the National Crayon Recycle Program by Crazy Crayons, you can recycle used crayons (and they’ll make new ones!)

    Where to Recycle Used Crayons

    If possible, leave the labels on (so they’re easier to sort.)

    They’ve recycled more than 84,000 LBS of crayons so far. Help them continue on with the recycling so more generations can color more and more.  Send them to:

    Crayon Recycle Program
    2464 Downhill Drive #3
    Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

    Got questions? Contact Crazy Crayons at crayonrecycleprogram@gmail.com  or
    call 970-819-8415.

    Don’t have enough crayons to send to Crazy Crayons? You can DIY & recycle your own used crayons by baking them with muffin trays.


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    • Love this program! Keep in mind that you cant send Made in China crayons – they only accept American made like Crayola