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    Recycle Wine Corks after Chugging that Bottle… Where Can I Wednesday

    recycle wine corksAfter a long and exhausting day, I like to unwind with a good glass of wine… so much that I’m enjoying one in my hand as I type this post! (OK, maybe alternating typing & drinking…)

    But once you (or I) polish off a few bottles of sweet, sweet heaven, where can you recycle wine corks?

    Cork is a renewable resource too precious to send to the landfill. Cork ReHarvest paired up with Whole Foods for a convenient recycling program. You can drop off a batch of wine corks on your next grocery trip at the Whole Foods Callowhill, South Street OR any other locations. Cork ReHarvest then uses the recycled wine corks into post-consumer products like watches, floor tiles & wine shippers.

    ReCork also collects used wine corks (only natural – not plastic or metal) for SOLE product lines &  packaging. You can drop off your ol’ corks to Keating’s River Grill (201 South Columbus Blvd), Kensington Community Partners (1301 N 2nd St) & the Philadelphia Zoo (3400 Girard Ave).

    Synthetic & plastic corks aren’t accepted into these cork recycling programs. Try to choose brands that DO use natural cork to avoid wasting the fake varieties. If you accidentally pick up a synthetic variety, Yemm & Hart DO recycle the synthetic wine corks by mail (although they prefer not to).

    If you’re crafty, you can make anything from decorations, a cork board or wedding charts/decorations when you recycle used wine corks DIY style. Unfortunately I’ll stick to the simple drinking & recycling (or donating to friends who are DIY-ing.)

    Readers, where do you recycle wine corks? Or do you have any easy DIY projects worth trying?


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    Julie Hancher

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