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    When Is Trash Day?

    The city of Philadelphia has weekly curbside trash and recycling collection and serves about 530,000 residential units. Yet, new residents (or recently moved) aren’t sure which day they should be setting out their cans.

    When is my trash day?

    Find out when your trash day is by simply typing in your address on this page of the City Streets Department website.


    During summer months, April 1st to September 30th, set out your trash and recycling at your pickup site between 7:00 PM the night before or 7:00 AM the day of your regular pickup. During the rest of the year, you can set it out after 5:00 PM the night before.

    City workers work hard to provide this collection service to residents so save them and yourself a headache and make sure your familiar with the city’s trash day pickup rules.

    Marie Bouffard

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