We’ve gone over where to recycle laptop batteries and battery chargers, but where can one recycle plain old (& rechargeable) batteries in Philadelphia?

For recycling the conventional (single-use) battery variety:

Recycling rechargeable batteries:

  • Radio Shack (CC locations: 1616 Chestnut St & 1001 Market St)
  • Staples (1044 Market St)
  • Home Depot (1651 S Columbus Blvd)
  • Eforce Compliance (3114 Grays Ferry Ave)
  • Best Buy
  • Philadelphia Streets HazWaste Events

Recycle on, Philly!

  • http://www.ttfwatershed.org Abby

    This is a very useful little article. But I wanted to add that Best Buy only accepts reusable batteries. Their website outlines that alkaline batteries are not currently accepted. Thank you!

  • http://www.greenphillyblog.com Julie

    Thanks Abby! Companies do update their policies frequently, so feel free to call the business prior to going over for a drop off. We’ll update our post in the meantime. Thanks again!

  • Max

    So, apparently Whole Foods doesn’t take disposable batteries anymore. I went to the Callowhill st. store and they had covered up the receptacle for the batteries.

  • http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com Kerry

    Whole Foods Market South Street does accept rechargeable batteries, but unfortunately, neither the South Street nor Callowhill store can accept single-use batteries. Thanks!

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