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  • Where Can I (Wednesday)… Discard Used Tires? (Streets Dept Tire Program) used-tires Full view

    Where Can I (Wednesday)… Discard Used Tires? (Streets Dept Tire Program)

    where can you dispose of used tires in philadelphia?Tires are an expensive necessity for your car, as well as a difficult item to dispose of.  Where can you drop off those rubber donuts when you’ve wore off their tread?

    • Check with your auto center to see if they recycle or dispose of tires. If they discard them, request to take them back (so you can recycle them.)
    • You can drop off used tires at any of the Philadelphia Sanitation Centers Monday through Saturday, 8 AM to 6 PM.  There’s no charge, but there is a maximum of 2 tires per visit. (The yards are located at 3033 S 63rd St; 300 Domino Lane near Umbria St & State Rd & Ashburner St.)
    • Residents of Cheltenham Township can drop off used tires at their Recycling Drop Off Center (8101 Old York Road, Elkins Park PA)
    • Sick of seeing random tires on the streets & abandoned lots? Philadelphia Street Department is kicking off their Tire Round-Up Program! (Details below.)

    The Tire Round Up Program will allow Block Captains, Community/civic/town watch organizations & Partnership Recycling Groups to recycle illegally used tires. Registered participants receive a “bounty” of $.50 for illegally discarded tired they collect and drop off to designated sites (max $500/resident).   Collections will take place on Saturdays from July 21 through August 25th from 9 AM through 3 PM. To register for the program, call Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC) at 215-685-3981, but you MUST register by Friday, July 6th.

    Since the program began in 1995, the city has collected around 240,000 tires. Tires from auto repair shops, mechanic shops, car dealers & private storage will NOT be accepted at drop off sites.


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    • 2 quick tips on collecting tires around the city – if you’re friends with a runner, ask that person to keep an eye out for loads of tires dumped around the city. You can also probably get a local box truck company to donate the truck for a few hours for free.

      Second – ask local businesses to match your tire count. Even if they can match a five cents for every tire you collect, it’ll help get more funds to clean up your city block or a charity you’re working for in the tire roundup.

    • Thanks Adam! Great tips!