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  • Petal Pedal

    June 13, 20180

    Join the Philadelphia Orchard Project in partnership with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia for Petal Pedal – a scenic…

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    Let’s Stop Killing Bicyclists, Philly

    May 15, 20180

    This past Saturday evening, an SUV hit and fatally ran over 34-year-old Pablo Avendano. Avendano worked as a courier for…

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    OMG #Breaking: New Bike Lanes on JFK & Market!!

    March 19, 20180

    A reminder to keep on fighting for change. On Saturday at the Vision Zero Philadelphia conference, Mayor Jim Kenney shared…

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    Tell City Council to Nix Unfriendly Legislation for Bikes

    February 26, 20180

    Remember a few months ago when we were talking about making Philly streets safer for bikes? Unfortunately, City Council has…

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    Holiday Lights Ride

    December 12, 20170

    FREE HOLIDAY LIGHTS BIKE RIDE You can attend this bike ride through South Philly for free — though everyone is encouraged to…

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    Safe Streets Pt 2: 7 Requests from the Bicycle Coalition & Petition

    December 1, 20173

    Yesterday, we shared our 8 wishes for Philadelphia’s biking infrastructure. Today, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia made 7 demands…

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    8 Ways Philly Could Make Streets (and Biking) Safer

    November 30, 20178

    On Tuesday morning, 24-year old bicyclist Emily Fredricks was killed by a person driving a sanitation truck at 11th and…

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    The Secret to Getting More Bike Lanes in Philadelphia: Revealed

    September 22, 20160

    How do we make biking more accessible for ALL Philadelphians? The Bicycle Coalition addressed this during their SustainPHL #FuturePHL acceptance…

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    Meet the Nominees: #FuturePHL

    July 12, 20160

    #FuturePHL: Nominee forwards the future of sustainability in Philadelphia What makes a world-class city? Traditionally, one would highlight its inspiring architecture,…

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    Save the Date: Bike to Work Day is May 20th

    May 13, 20160

    Get your two wheels ready: Bike to Work Day is next Friday! Bike to work on Friday, May 20th from…

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