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  • 7 Places to Volunteer in Philly

    November 20, 20170

    We celebrated the holidays with our Fall Harvest Happy Hour last Thursday. Six local organizations shared volunteer opportunities with over…

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    How Seniors Can ‘Stay Cool in a Changing Climate’

    July 5, 20170

    How do we keep in mind our wisest and most vulnerable while confronting climate change? Our new workshop, Staying Cool…

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    6 Tabling Tips to Kick Ass at Your Next Event

    February 23, 20170

    Tabling Event (noun) Planned occasion where volunteers or organizers greet the public, engage them in their cause, and implore that…

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    How Transportation Pollution Affects Low Income Philadelphians: Rountable RECAP

    September 1, 20160

    Guest post by Russell Zerbo on behalf of the Clean Air Council addresses transportation pollution locally and recaps a recent…

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    What Volunteering with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia Taught Me about Saving Energy

    October 26, 20150

    Guest author Russell Zerbo volunteered with Rebuilding Philadelphia Together and was able to learn more about Pennsylvania Housing and saving…

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    Greenfest 2015 – Photo Recap

    September 15, 20150

    Did you get out on the beautiful Fall Sunday? Greenfest Philly was back for its 10th anniversary and did NOT…

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    10 Reasons Get Excited About Greenfest Philly – 10th Anniversary!

    September 10, 20150

    It’s hard to believe Philadelphia’s biggest eco-friendly festival has been around for 10 years. I remember going to the very…

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    Greenfest Philly 2015: 10th Anniversary Returns 9/13

    August 26, 20150

    Want to join the BEST and BIGGEST sustainability fair in the Philly area? With over 100 exhibitors, Greenfest Philly is…

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    GoPhillyGo: Where to Plan Multimodal trips in Philadelphia

    August 12, 20150

    Have you faced the dilemma of entering a destination in Google Maps, only to see that it would take you…

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    Giveaway Alert: Win a Run for Clean Air Registration!

    April 14, 20150

    Run for sustainability this Saturday! The Clean Air Council’s annual Run for Clean Air is this Saturday, April 18th. Starting at…

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