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  • Exit Interview: Katherine Gajewski on Success, Regrets & Paris Climate Talks

    December 17, 20150

    It’s official: Mayor-elect Jim Kenney has officially named Christine Knapp the new Director of Sustainability. Christine will be taking the…

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    Is Philly the Greenest City? Greenworks 2015 Report Released

    July 1, 20152

    When Mayor Nutter took office in 2008, he set two important goals: for Philadelphia to become the Greenest City in…

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    How Philly is Prepping Against Climate Change

    September 23, 20141

    Over 400,000 individuals invaded New York on Sunday to make a statement to world leaders about climate change. Mayor's National…

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    What Does the Clean Power Plan Mean for Pennsylvania?

    July 2, 20140

    You've probably heard about the Clean Power Plan, the Obama Administration’s new proposal to help set carbon-emissions standards. For those…

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    Nutter Smoking Ban Win for Philly Parks

    April 30, 20145

    Mayor Michael Nutter signed an executive order yesterday to ban smoking in Philly's parks. According to the City of Philadelphia's…

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    How Mayor Nutter is Celebrating Arbor Day

    April 26, 20130

    Today is Arbor Day, yo. As Arbor Day is all about planting (and appreciating) trees Mayor Nutter will appropriately celebrate…

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    Philadelphia Lowers Bar to “Top 10” for Greenworks

    April 1, 20135

    Mayor Nutter shocked environmentalists in Philadelphia today when he announced that he was lowering his ambition for sustainability in our…

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    Complete Streets Philly Handbook is Here – How did Sustainability Factor?

    February 7, 20130

    Mayor Michael Nutter has done a lot of cool stuff for Philly's sustainability scene. In 2009, he realized that the…

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    Philly Honored for Recycling Public-Private Partnership with RecycleBank

    January 24, 20131

    Philadelphia gets more sustainable street cred, this time from the Mayors! The US Conference of Mayors recognized Philadelphia's public-private partnership…

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    Philadelphia 2035: Future is Now Update for 2012

    January 11, 20132

    The Philadelphia City Planning Commission presented The Future is Now: Philadelphia 2035 Update at the Center for Architecture (1218 Arch Street)…

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