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  • How to Help Sustainability Grow: Nic Esposito’s SustainPHL 2016

    February 17, 20170

    Kindling catches on to build a fire, eh? We’ve all been there – making an effort to bike in this…

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    How the Corn Belt Almanac Connects us to Food

    May 26, 20150

    When I first started the Head & The Hand Press in 2012, Editorial Director Linda Gallant and I knew that…

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    Should I Stay or Should I SNOW Now? Weekend Events March 20 – 22nd

    March 20, 20150

    Happy, uh… First Day of Spring? Don’t let the cold temps & snow get you down. Last night’s Better Mobility…

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    Kensington Homestead: Focusing on Local Urban farming

    November 4, 20140

    Moving neighborhoods in Philly is a BIG deal. Changing the comfort of your go-to coffee shop and favorite 'pub can…

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    Announcing: Seeds of Discent Book Club Q&A with Nic Esposito

    March 13, 20140

    Want to get out of your apartment and discuss sustainability with local friends? We’re happy to announce our first “green”…

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    Head & The Hand Press Debuts CSAs for Books: Guest Post

    October 8, 20130

    Guest Post by The Head & The Hand Press Founder Nic Esposito When I founded The Head & The Hand…

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