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  • PennFuture Announces ‘Green in 18’ Campaign Coalition Led by Saleem Chapman

    May 10, 20180

    PennFuture announced its Green in ’18” campaign,  grassroots movement that aims to spur the gubernatorial candidates to prioritize environmental issues. Leading…

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    PennFuture Opens Nominations for “Women in Conservation”

    February 9, 20180

    It’s time to nominate those women making a difference in conservation! PennFuture opened nominations for its 4th Annual Celebrating Women…

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    7 Places to Volunteer in Philly

    November 20, 20170

    We celebrated the holidays with our Fall Harvest Happy Hour last Thursday. Six local organizations shared volunteer opportunities with over…

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    How the PA Constitution Protects Our Environment

    September 18, 20170

    In 1969, Franklin Kury decided to make a change after reading the New York Times and learning that coal companies…

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    Learn about PA Enviro Policy at PennFuture Environmental Rights Forum

    September 11, 20170

    Did you know that PA protects your right to a clean environment? “The people have a right to clean air,…

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    Watch PennFuture’s New Documentary on Oil Trains

    July 17, 20170

    What’s the deal with oil trains? We’ve tackled the oil train dilemma in Philadelphia previously, and there’s a new documentary…

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    Learn how to make a difference in Philly this Monday

    October 16, 20150

    Do you find yourself getting pissed at everyday norms in the city, but have no idea how to get started…

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    Next Great City Mayoral Forum: Sustainability Recap

    March 4, 20150

    Who’s your favorite mayoral candidate? We got our first taste of the various points of views last night at Next…

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