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  • Where to Recycle Old Shoes

    January 24, 20180

    We wear them on our feet but then what do we do when their work is done? Although there are…

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    Guide to Scrap Metal Recycling in Philadelphia

    December 6, 20170

    One of the most recyclable materials is metal. Metal (and scrap metal) can range from a variety of items: from…

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    Where Can I Recycle My Old Microwave?

    October 4, 20170

    What should you do with a defunct microwave? Can you recycle it? One of our readers asks: “I have a…

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    Where to Recycle Aluminum Cans

    May 10, 20170

    It’s easy to recycle aluminum cans and that’s good – because they are everywhere. If you’re debating how to buy…

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    Where to Recycle Important Documents – Safe & Secure

    April 12, 20170

    Worried about recycling documents containing sensitive information? No need to stress! Safe ways to recycle sensitive documents Recycling is a…

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    When Does the City (Philly) Pick Up Yard Waste?

    May 18, 20160

    We received another great question from Twitter about the Philadelphia Street Department’s Service, perfect for our Where Can I Wednesday.…

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    Can You Bag Your Recycling in Plastic Bags?

    May 4, 20160

    We’ve recently had TWO reader questions about placing recyclables in plastic bags for curbside pickup. “Is it true that we…

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    Best Buy Screws PA for TV recycling with changes to Electronics Program

    February 10, 20167

    Electronics are one of those items that are tricky (and sometimes expensive) to recycle. Best Buy officially Best Buy has…

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    Are soda & drink bottle caps recyclable?

    December 9, 20150

    Bottle caps. Technically, the city says that plastic is recyclable. but are the caps for soda or water bottles? Can…

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    Our Favorite Recycling Friendly Apps & Websites

    July 8, 20150

    Want to use your cell phone to help your recycling habits? There’s an APP for that, and we’re sharing a…

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