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  • Recycle your Laptop – Response to Reader Question

    January 10, 20112

    "Do you know of a green way to dispose of a laptop? Throw it in the Delaware river?" -Kevin@aol.com, Green…

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    One Warm Coat

    January 13, 20110

    Did you purchase a new winter coat this season? An upgrade for you is the perfect opportunity to make use…

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    Where to Recycle Plastic Bags in Philadelphia

    January 27, 20113

    Ever wonder what to do with those pesky plastic bags? You’re not alone. “A co-worker of mine has collected plastic…

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    Where to Recycle Wine Corks: WCI Weds

    June 6, 20112

    It's Philly Beer Week Ya'll! Although I enjoy a good local brew, I'm also a huge fan of wine. Wine…

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    Recycle Battery Chargers? WCI Weds Commences

    February 15, 20121

    Starting now, I decided to implement a new column on Green Philly Blog called "Where the Hell Do I Recycle…

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    Where Can I Recycle Wednesday… Yogurt Containers?

    February 29, 20121

    Philadelphians often get confused with food containers. Did you know the majority of food-container plastics can be recycled? Yogurt containers,…

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    Where Can I Recycle Takeout Containers? WCI Weds

    March 21, 20123

    Oh no! Did you forget to bring a reusable container to your favorite restaurant and need to get a to-go container? Good…

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    Where Can I (Wednesday): Recycle Laptop Batteries?

    April 4, 20120

    Reader Ryan asks: Where can we recycle computer laptop batteries? Answer: Good news for you, Ryan!  You can recycle laptop…

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    Where Can I (Wednesday)… Recycle Toothpaste Tubes?

    May 16, 20122

    Brushing my teeth is one of my favorite activities. I beam when my dental hygienist comments on my teeth condition. Yet I…

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    Where Can I (Wednesday)… Recycle Paper Towel & Toilet Tubes?

    April 11, 20120

    When I stop home at my parents house, I try to give them some hints of what they're not recycling…

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