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    Dr. Chris Arnott

    Dr. Chris Arnott

    About Dr. Chris Arnott

    Dr. Chris Arnott is a local environmental scientist who is passionate about zero-waste and sustainability. She has worked for government, academic, and non-profit organizations researching a variety of ecological issues and advocating for common sense environmental policies. Chris lives with her husband, her one-year old son, dog, two cats, and 2000+ worms (for vermicomposting) and enjoys traveling, playing volleyball, hiking/ backpacking, and flying trapeze/ circus acrobatics.

    4 Ways to Give Without “Stuff”: Zero Waste Alternatives

    December 3, 20180

    I always loved giving gifts. I loved picking something special out, wrapping it up pretty (I love curling ribbon), and…

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    5 Ways to Make your Dog Walks More Sustainable

    May 8, 20180

    My best friend has been faithfully by my side for over ten years, keeping me company, warning me of dangers,…

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    Why We Loved Cloth Diapers – Until We Gave them Up

    March 20, 20180

    “You’re going to use CLOTH diapers, aren’t you?” they asked. We were just married and not even thinking about kids,…

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    Raising a Zero Waste Baby: Lessons from an Imperfect Mom

    March 6, 20180

    I hate stuff. I hate buying stuff, I hate shopping for stuff, and I hate having a ton of stuff…

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