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  • Philly’s Green Economy has Opportunities: Event Recap

    March 5, 20190

    Last Saturday, Green Philly teamed up with WURD Radio to co-host an event exploring jobs in the green economy at…

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    60s Throwback during Flower Show 2019

    March 1, 20190

    Wanna take a time machine soon? Just head to the PA Convention Center. As soon as you step into the…

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    Where to Donate Bedding

    February 27, 20190

    Recently after I incorporated the Konmari method into my life, I immediately turned my house inside-out to determine what items…

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    Learn about the Future of Work in Philly’s Green Economy on Saturday!

    February 26, 20190

    Want to learn more about how a changing climate is creating opportunities in the job market? Join us for an…

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    Reader Profile: Meet Shawn Hogan

    February 25, 20190

    Hey readers, we have a new column debuting, featuring those faces we see at our events and on the website.…

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    Can you Recycle Shredded Office Paper?

    February 20, 20190

    Here’s a question from one of our readers that came in via email: “I shred my personal documents in a…

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    Reader Profile: Meet Kelly Steyn

    February 18, 20190

    Hey readers, we have a new column debuting! The people who read Green Philly and attend our events make our…

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    ‘Lots’ of Love: Weekly Recap

    February 15, 20190

    What’s going on in Philly and beyond? Here’s our weekly recap of news you should check out. Ideas to steal:…

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    What’s the Deal with CBD??

    February 15, 20190

    Is it weed? Does it get you high? Is it legal? This curious substance has created a lot of conversations…

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    New Director at Energy Co-Op

    February 14, 20190

    The Energy Co-Op announced that Ronald Fisher joined as their new Executive Director. According to a press release, Fisher was…

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