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  • Where to Recycle Used Textiles & Clothes – Including Retailer Drop-offs

    February 13, 20190

    OK, ok. So we previously gave a guide on how to recycle used clothes (including reusing old clothes as rags,…

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    How to Hike More – Even in the Winter

    February 7, 20190

    After a magical four days in Glacier National Park, the only way back to the train station was via passenger…

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    Recycle E-Waste (including old iPods) for Theatre Week on 2/11

    February 6, 20190

    Philadelphia Theatre Week is happening from February 7-17, with over 100 events. Drop off your E-Waste The Philadelphia Theatre Green…

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    The Loop is Bringing Back the Milkman

    February 5, 20190

    At our “How Sustainability Works” event, Nic Esposito shared a plea for entrepeneurs to fix recycling. Shortly after, we have…

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    RSVP to Jefferson’s 8th Annual Sustainability Forum

    January 31, 20190

    Have you heard of the student group Graduate Sustainability Network (GSN) at Jefferson? The club aims to create an interdisciplinary…

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    Recap from How Sustainability Works

    January 29, 20190

    Last Wednesday, 100 of our closest (and new) friends gathered at United By Blue’s location in Old City to hear…

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    City Rising 9: How San Francisco Takes on Composting, Fast Fashion & More with Alexa Kielty

    January 23, 20190

    How does the “greenest” city in America divert compost and clothes from landfills? Alexa Kielty, Zero Wast Specialist of San…

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    What is a Zero Waste Life? 4 Ways to Start Living Zero Waste today

    January 22, 20190

    We’re using more resources than ever before in human history. Between the plastic bags we use for our groceries to…

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    Greenspace, trees & litter: 5 Things You Need to Know 1/18

    January 18, 20190

    What’s going around the greenspace this snowy Friday? Here are 5 articles you should read: Can beautifying neighborhoods actually reduce…

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    Green Building United Wants Your Session Proposals

    January 17, 20190

    Want to share your sustainability expertise? Wrap up some research that needs an audience? Green Building United hosts its annual…

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