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    7 Emotions You Go Through During a CSA Season

    March 22, 20160

    CSA season is coming! CSAs (Community Shared Agriculture) are fantastic. You get weeks of fresh, local veggies and barely have…

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    Reconsider Your Halloween “Treats”

    October 30, 20150

    Did you know that on average, Americans buy over 600 million pounds of candy a year for Halloween? Are you looking…

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    5 Best Juice Joints in Philly – 2015 Edition

    October 27, 20150

    Who doesn’t love a good green juice? Green juices and smoothies are so popular right now. They’re good for you and…

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    7 Best Fall Farmers’ Markets in Philly

    October 8, 20153

    I’ve always loved strolling through farmers’ markets and browsing through the assortments of fresh and local fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses…

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    Why We Love Eggplant (And You Should, Too!)

    August 18, 20150

    Whenever anyone asks what my favorite color is, I say, “Eggplant.” That deep jewel tone, also called aubergine, is on…

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    Happy National Farmers Market Week, y’all!

    August 3, 20150

    It’s another beautiful weekend to celebrate local food! The Farmers Market Coalition is celebrating National Farmers Market Week from August 2nd…

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    The Food Trust: Fresh from the Farmers’ Market Column Debut

    July 31, 20150

    Watching Philly’s robust food scene blossom over the past 7 years has been quite the honor here at Green Philly.…

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    Happy Hippy Food Truck: Putting a new Spin on Local Food (literally)

    July 21, 20150

    Getting the nourishment we need in our lives often comes at a hefty price! The Happy Hippy Food Truck (HHFT)…

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    Koliyan: Workshops to Get your Cambodian Cooking On

    July 16, 20150

    Are you looking to expand your cooking horizons? There’s a new plant-based workshop sensation: that happens to be vegan. Koliyan,…

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    N3RD St Farmers Market Returns for 2015: On Wednesdays, We MRKT.

    June 9, 20150

    N3RD St Farmers Market has officially returned for its 2015 season on Wednesday, May 27 until Wednesday, October 28. Through its…

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