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    Chop it Up: Friday Quickie

    September 27, 20133

    Whether you take out or dine in/out, many restaurants (especially sushi joints) tend to have disposable flatware and chopsticks for…

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    Close those Blinds: Friday Quickie

    September 13, 20130

    Want to save money on your electric bill? The simple stuff goes a long way.

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    Friday Quickie: DIY Salad Dressing

    August 30, 20134

    One of my FAVORITE things that I used to buy (but now realize) but is a waste of money is…

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    A Better, Healthier Arnold Palmer with Organic India Tea: Friday Quickie

    August 23, 20130

    I must admit - When it comes to drinks, I save any calories for booze. Therefore, I typically only drink…

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    Healing Hangovers Without Eating Crap: Friday Quickie

    August 16, 20130

    Between my love of whiskey, local brews & organic wines, it's no secret I love a nice drink to unwind.…

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    4 Ways to Preserve your Herbs: Friday Quickie

    August 9, 20130

    Growing your own herbs & plants means you get SO many fresh veggies. You almost forget about about those dreaded…

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    DIY Insect Repellent: Friday Quickie

    August 2, 20130

    Outdoor barbecues, camping, concerts and wonderful summer weather (and lots of rain) tend to bring the pests among us. But…

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    Preserve your Leafy Greens: Friday Quickie

    June 28, 20130

    Whether you have a kick-ass CSA this year or are frequenting the Philly Farmers Markets, it's the time right now…

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    Friday Quickie: Get Grilling!

    June 21, 20130

    Happy First Day of Summer!! What’s a better excuse to fire up the ol grill than the official start of…

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    Green Your Golf: Friday Quickie

    June 14, 20130

    In honor of the US Open in Merion this week, here's a few quick tips to green your golf game:

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