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  • World Oceans Day: How the Jersey Shore is Fighting Pollution and 3 Ways You Can Help

    June 8, 20180

    In May, Monmouth Beach made headlines for passing the biggest plastic ban in the country. The Jersey shore town cracked…

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    Philly verses Copenhagen: Cycling in the City

    July 11, 20140

    After a Green City showdown between Philly and Copenhagen last week, we’re breaking it down further about cycling culture. Philly…

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    Philly versus Copenhagen: Green City Battle

    July 1, 20140

    This past semester, I escaped the Polar Vortex and studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over four months, I discovered and…

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    9 Ways Boston is like Philly’s Green Scene

    June 2, 20142

    Over Memorial Day weekend, I escaped to Boston for live music, time outdoors and catching up with my former roomie. Whenever I…

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    Kansas City Market: City Spotlight

    January 27, 20140

    The best part about the locavore movement sweeping up the nation, is that a farmers' market is often nearby. And…

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    Austin City Limits 2013 Greening Efforts

    October 21, 20130

    I'm just a little bit addicted to music festivals. My idea of a perfect day is one filled with live…

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    Ecotourism in Costa Rica: Journey in Photos

    September 3, 20130

    Being environmentally conscious isn’t just about waste reduction and carbon offsets. Admiring our planet’s aesthetic beauty and complexity plays an…

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    Euro Spotlight: Environmentally Friendly Spain

    July 25, 20131

    Early this summer I took a lovely two-week trip to Northern Spain. We traveled to Mallorca, Valencia and Barcelona. Each…

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    Bonnaroo Sets the Standard for Green Music Festivals

    July 8, 20131

    A few weeks ago, I went to Bonnaroo for the first time. Between the music, people, and positive energy, there was a…

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    Flint Hill Farms. Or That Time I Milked a Goat…

    June 27, 20131

    Sometimes it's the times when your plans fall through that lead to the ultimate serendipitous moments. Like when I ended…

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