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  • Plastic Pollution on Vacation: Cleaning Up Shackleford

    June 4, 20132

    Heading to the beach soon? My recent trip to North Carolina started as sight-seeing but turned up into a mini-beach…

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    Eco Friendly Napa: Food, Activity and Wine (Obviously)

    May 23, 20131

    I spent last weekend soaking up the loveliness that is Napa Valley. We stayed in the charming town of Yountville and…

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    Haven Restaurant Houston is Upscale Farm to Table

    April 17, 20130

      So when you think of Houston, Texas the image of an environmentally city may not be what you envision.…

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    Traveling Waste Conundrums: Green Questions

    February 18, 20130

    It's easy to get into the reusable groove at home, but what about when you're on the road (or flight)?…

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    Zipquest: Ziplining Adventure in North Carolina – City Spotlight

    February 4, 20130

    I recently found myself in North Carolina on a cool weekend in January to see the sights with my companion.…

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    City Spotlight: Chicago’s Farmhouse Provides Seasonal & Homemade Eats

    January 10, 20132

    I tend to geek out a bit over restaurants that specialize in local, organic, homemade and sustainable fare. Though I've learned…

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    Beer Can House is Ultimate Houston Recycled Decor: Over 50,000 Recycled Beers!

    October 9, 20129

    What would you do with 50,000+ beer cans? One man turned them into his house.

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    City Spotlight: Cleveland’s Flaming Ice Cube

    September 25, 20121

    When you think of the Midwest you may not immediately think "hip vegan cafes." I certainly didn't. The truth is…

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    Lollapalooza Recap: Making the Green Grade

    August 9, 20121

    I spent this past weekend blissed out listening to the vocal stylings of some of my favorite bands at the…

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    A Hike in Hawaiian Paradise

    August 1, 20120

    Over the past few weeks I was very fortunate to enjoy a blissful vacation in Hawaii. I fell in love…

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