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    City Releases Clean Energy Vision Action Plan

    September 17, 20180

    To continue its commitment to green the city, the Office of Sustainability released more plans last week. The Clean Energy…

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    OOS Finalized Clean Energy Plan to “Power” Our Future Thanks to Your Feedback

    September 12, 20180

    OOS kept their promise about being an org for the people. Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability (OOS) originally released their Powering…

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    SustainPHL 2018: Photo Recap

    August 22, 20180

    We had such a blast at SustainPHL 2018. Here are a few of our fav photos from the cocktail hour,…

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    Letter to the Editor: We Must Fight Against Clean Car Standard Rollbacks

    August 20, 20180

    On August 2, the Trump administration released a much-anticipated proposal to halt antipollution and fuel-efficiency standards for cars. Drexel University…

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    Call for Green Grant Proposals!

    August 15, 20180

    A new grant is available for projects that will restore and conserve a precious natural resource: the Delaware River Watershed.…

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    Meet PA’s New Director of Environmental Justice

    August 8, 20180

    Allison Acevedo is Pennsylvania’s new Director of Environmental Justice — and she’s ready to work. Courtesy of the Philadelphia Black…

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    Opinion: The Problem With Plastic Straw Bans

    July 30, 20180

    In the wake of the US exit from the Paris Climate Accord last summer, municipal governments across the country have…

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    How WeWork is Making a Difference from Fruit Scraps

    July 13, 20180

    How can a few fruit rinds and coffee grounds make a difference? One coworking space is piloting a program with…

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    Meet the Climate Dads: A New Letter-Writing Movement

    June 21, 20180

    While you and your pops may have been spending last Sunday grilling or playing catch, one Philly-based father was busy…

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    Eating Animals: Philadelphia Screening Tickets Giveaway

    June 20, 20180

    Grab your popcorn – a new documentary is coming to Philly! Eating Animals is debuting on July 6th at Ritz…

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