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    Edibikes: Making Biking a Little Less Intimidating in Philly

    July 10, 20121

    A few years ago, I was wary of buying a bike: It was scary, I hadn't ridden a bike since…

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    Bike Thieves Beware: Phila Streets Department is Stealing Bikes Too

    April 26, 20120

    Looks like the city is continuing to "Unlitter Us!" - this time with damaged bikes clogging up the racks. The Philadelphia…

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    Bike Lanes Open on 13th!

    June 20, 20112

    Woohoo! As we mentioned,the North-South Bike lanes are going in on 10th & 13th Streets in Philly from South to…

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    Philadelphia #1 City for Bike Commuting in US!

    May 11, 20112

    Hipsters and athletes rejoice in harmony! What a difference a decade makes... Philadelphia went from America's Fattest City to the…

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    More Bike Lanes? Bring Them On, Philly!

    April 1, 20112

    OK, I'll admit it. I'm slowly turning into the 'green', earth-loving stereotype. While I try to keep my lecturing &…

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    CityRyde – Philadelphia Bike Sharing Experts

    November 8, 20101

    Through my Zipcar Low Car Diet experience, I met & connected with Jason Meinzer, COO & co-founder of Philadelphia-based CityRyde…

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    How to Buy a Bike as an Adult

    November 4, 20102

    It’s like getting back on a bike. After a few year hiatus, I finally took the plunge to go with…

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    A Nod to Philly Bikers

    August 6, 20084

    Over dinner last night, a friend told me that she recently started riding a bike around the city and is…

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