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    10 Takeaways from Zero Waste & Litter 1 Year Report

    December 13, 20180

    How does a city get to Zero Waste? According to the Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet, it starts with One……

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    9 Sustainable Organizations Recap the Best of 2018

    December 11, 20180

    2018 was quite the year – Can you believe that only 10 months ago, we were Superbowl champions? Philly’s sustainability…

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    7 Ways to Get Involved in Philly’s Green Scene (and maybe even land a job)

    November 12, 20180

    Often, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know… Many socially-minded people come to me to ask how to…

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    Spooky: How a West Philly Porch Highlighted the Horror of Climate Change

    November 2, 20180

    Every year for the past 20 years, a group of housemates and friends at 4821-23 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia…

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    How Mayor Dianne Herrin is Saving West Chester’s Environment

    October 18, 20180

    Dianne Herrin has ambitious goals as Mayor of West Chester. Last September, West Chester became the 2nd town in PA…

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    Explore the Wissahickon and Win Prizes with the 2018 All Trails Challenge

    September 21, 20180

    Want to explore all 50 miles of the Wissahickon? The Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW) is hosting its 3rd Annual All…

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    #TRASHCANTAKEOVER Turns Ads Into Art

    August 23, 20180

    Anything can be turned into public art — even trash cans. That’s what Philly’s artists believe. And if you’ve seen…

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    Announcing the SustainPHL 2018 Award Recipients

    August 17, 20180

    Last evening was our third annual SustainPHL! Congratulations to our amazing 2018 nominees AND award recipients. Thank you to all…

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    Meet the 2018 SustainPHL Nominees: Climate Hero

    August 9, 20180

    Our three nominees for Climate Hero of the Year are combating climate change through communications and large-scale initiatives & programs.…

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    Meet the SustainPHL 2018 Nominees: Sustainable Communities

    August 7, 20180

    Our three SustainPHL nominees for Sustainable Communities are working to provide communities with equitable access to clean air and water,…

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