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    Are Biodegradable Trash Bags a Better Choice?

    March 20, 20190

    Here’s a Reader Question for Where Can I Wednesday: What are your thoughts on biodegradable trash bags? I read somewhere that they’re useless in…

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    Lessons from a Zero Waste “Geek”

    March 15, 20190

    I’ve written this thing in my head about a dozen times now. As I reflected on which topics I wanted…

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    Where To Donate Prom Dresses Locally

    March 6, 20190

    Prom season is approaching, and teens are scrambling to find the perfect date and perfect dress for that special night.…

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    Where to Donate Bedding

    February 27, 20190

    Recently after I incorporated the Konmari method into my life, I immediately turned my house inside-out to determine what items…

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    Can you Recycle Shredded Office Paper?

    February 20, 20190

    Here’s a question from one of our readers that came in via email: “I shred my personal documents in a…

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    Where to Recycle Used Textiles & Clothes – Including Retailer Drop-offs

    February 13, 20190

    OK, ok. So we previously gave a guide on how to recycle used clothes (including reusing old clothes as rags,…

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    Recycle E-Waste (including old iPods) for Theatre Week on 2/11

    February 6, 20190

    Philadelphia Theatre Week is happening from February 7-17, with over 100 events. Drop off your E-Waste The Philadelphia Theatre Green…

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    Recycling in Philadelphia: How our single-stream system works

    January 16, 20190

    If you’re a resident of the Philadelphia area, it’s probably old news to you that this city has a trash…

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    Who’s REALLY to Blame for Philly Burning 50% of its Recyclables?

    January 7, 20190

    Over the holidays, I had a brilliant plan for DIY gifts: mason jar bath salts and hot cocoa mixes. After…

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    Where Can I Buy Repurposed Furniture in Philadelphia?

    January 2, 20190

    If you’re looking for a sustainable way to spruce up your home or your business, purchasing repurposed furniture is one…

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