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    Recycling in Philadelphia: How our single-stream system works

    January 16, 20190

    If you’re a resident of the Philadelphia area, it’s probably old news to you that this city has a trash…

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    Who’s REALLY to Blame for Philly Burning 50% of its Recyclables?

    January 7, 20190

    Over the holidays, I had a brilliant plan for DIY gifts: mason jar bath salts and hot cocoa mixes. After…

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    Where Can I Buy Repurposed Furniture in Philadelphia?

    January 2, 20190

    If you’re looking for a sustainable way to spruce up your home or your business, purchasing repurposed furniture is one…

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    Where to Recycle That Christmas Tree

    December 26, 20180

    Where can you recycle your christmas tree? Find all the pickup, drop off and range of options.

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    Can you recycle diapers?

    December 12, 20180

    We get a lot of questions about what can and can not be recycled. I can’t believe this Where Can…

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    Where to Recycle a stainless steel pot or pan?

    December 5, 20180

    “What is the best way to recycle a stainless steel pot or pan.  I am asking about a pan that…

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    Where to Drop Off Bagged Leaves in Philly – 2018

    November 28, 20180

    Although we’ve already had snow in Philly, there’s still leaves around! The 2018 Philadelphia Bagged Leaf Recycling Program is back.…

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    Donate to Taller Puertorriqueño’s Thanksgiving Drive

    November 14, 20180

    Before you give thanks, give back — and donate clothes and food to those in need. Taller Puertorriqueño is accepting…

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    Reader Question: Are Plastic Bags EVER OK in Recycling Bins?

    October 24, 20180

    We have another reader question in today’s Where Can I Wednesday. I put my recycling in a white plastic trash…

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    Where to Recycle Packaging Material in Philadelphia

    September 26, 20180

    After you spend an agonizing five days tracking its journey, that goodie you bought online finally arrives on your doorstep.…

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