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    Can you recycle envelopes with bubble wrap?

    August 30, 20170

    Those mailers lined with bubble wrap are quite convenient to limit damage to your products, but are they recyclable? This…

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    What to Do & Where to Recycle Those Solar Eclipse Glasses

    August 22, 20170

    Now that we’ve all viewed the coolest event in 2017, the next question on everyone’s minds is what to do…

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    Where Can I Recycle Denim?

    August 16, 20170

    Jeans are a well-loved wardrobe staple. But what happens when your jeans get to a point of no return? But…

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    Where to Recycle Your Fridge

    August 2, 20170

    Old appliances can suck energy. For example, an old fridge can use a lot more energy compared to an updated…

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    Can You Recycle Paper Towels?

    July 12, 20170

    I’ve addressed whether paper towels are recyclable (or not) IRL twice in the past week, so it’s time to tackle…

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    6 Local Places to Donate or Get Rid of Furniture

    May 31, 20170

    It’s that time of year again, the dreaded moving season. Time to pack up everything you own and hope it…

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    Where to Recycle Aluminum Cans

    May 10, 20170

    It’s easy to recycle aluminum cans and that’s good – because they are everywhere. If you’re debating how to buy…

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    When Is Trash Day?

    April 26, 20170

    The city of Philadelphia has weekly curbside trash and recycling collection and serves about 530,000 residential units. Yet, new residents…

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    How to Recycle Clothing

    April 19, 20170

    That $6 top from H&M doesn’t seem so sweet when you consider that Americans produce over 25 billion pounds of…

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    Where to Recycle Important Documents – Safe & Secure

    April 12, 20170

    Worried about recycling documents containing sensitive information? No need to stress! Safe ways to recycle sensitive documents Recycling is a…

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