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    Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Quiche… My half-assed Recipe

    January 16, 20121

    Disclaimer: I'm not a food blogger nor a food expert. But I do have a newfound love for vegetarian cooking.…

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    Vegan Blueberry Pancakes: Your Weekend Breakfast

    August 19, 20115

    Many people associate weekends with yummy homemade breakfasts that we’re all just too busy for during the week. This weekend…

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    Tasty Vegan Recipe – Perfect for Spring and Summer!

    May 23, 20116

    Here’s a recipe for Stuffed Peppers using mostly seasonal ingredients that’s vegan and oh so delicious. It’s one of my…

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    Vegan Hot Cocoa Recipe: Easy & Delicious Friday Treat

    January 21, 20114

    Hot Cocoa is the perfect winter treat in my opinion. It brings me back to my childhood and makes the…

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    New Years Resolution Idea: Eco-Booze for your Celebrations

    January 4, 20114

    Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, my family toasts with delicious Colorado Whiskey or Crown Royal. No matter what poison you pick,…

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    3 Ways to Enjoy Your New Favorite Winter Veggie

    January 29, 20101

    I snubbed sweet potatoes (or yams as they’re often called) for far too many years of my life. Luckily, over…

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    Easy and Delicous Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe!

    December 21, 20093

    Hot Cocoa is the perfect Christmas treat in my opinion. It brings me back to my childhood and puts me…

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