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    Be ‘Inspire’d: Choose clean energy for your home & business

    One of the main ways we can reduce our carbon footprint – greatly – is to choose a clean energy supplier. If you haven’t touched your supplier choices (whether you’ve moved recently or haven’t checked your options in a few years), the default energy you’re using is likely fracked, natural gas.

    And nobody’s got time for that.

    Inspire: A different kind of Energy

    inspire energy

    Inspire is a local company that models its business after its values.

    Inspire has two offices in Santa Monica, CA, and Philadelphia, PA (from its Fishtown home to new digs in the Graham Building, next to Dilworth Park).

    Founded by CEO Patrick Maloney in 2013, he was inspired by “the fundamental belief that collectively, we can change the world”. A University of Pennsylvania graduate, Maloney served on the founding teams of two of the fastest growing and most successful energy companies in country before he decided he wanted to leverage his experience to make a much bigger impact.

    “Inspire is co-headquartered in Philadelphia, and to know that Pennsylvania businesses are some of our longest running and most conscientious customers reinforces the feeling that we’re part of something big.”

    Helping Small Businesses

    Inspire isn’t simply for residents. Small businesses can hop on the bandwagon, too.

    One of my current favs is Ox Coffee on 3rd street, a charming coffee shop without Wi-Fi. Ox selected Inspire to be their clean energy supplier to reduce their carbon footprint – without straining their financial margins (in which every penny count when you’re a small business.)

    (Their sustainability practices don’t stop there – score a few extra cents off your coffee if you BYO mug.)

    Inspire also supplies clean energy to Salon Masaya in Fishtown. This place won’t only get you a new ‘do, but also wants to be a conscious business.

    Ox & Salon Masaya aren’t alone, either. Out of the businesses that Inspire is working with, over 30% are in Pennsylvania.

    Businesses can also opt for the Clean Power Partner Program, with perks like free energy audits, social media toolkit, and other special items to tout your switch to clean energy. For select businesses, Inspire will also create special features on their Clean Power Partner Spotlight Series and promote the blog posts to their social media followers.

    Want to become B Corp certified? Inspire counts towards LEED, B Corp, or Green America Certification credits.

    Another cool bonus: Businesses can early unlimited cash rewards for recommending their customers ($25 for the business, $25 for each customers: Win. Win.)  If you’re signing up your home, you can get this $25 referral rate, too!

    How does Inspire Work?

    When you sign up for Inspire, you get the same energy bill (Likely PECO in the 215), but the Inspire supply charge will replace your current utility charge. No need to change your automated payments – it’s seamless for you. It takes only 5 minutes, no installation needed, no long-term contracts or cancellation fees.

    Unfortunately, it’s not as though you’re getting wind electricity (aka electrons) directly into your house, Inspire purchases RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) in the amount of electricity you use from a wind farm.

    Eventually, energy suppliers and leaders take note to make sure we continue a positive change. Buying RECs ensures that we’re dedicating more dollars to renewable energy, and moves us to a more sustainable economy.

    Anything else to note?

    Beyond helping customers and businesses, Inspire also offers the Inspire Impact Scholarship for students reducing energy use of small businesses in their local community.


    Inspire was a 2016 SustainPHL Sponsor

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