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    Bills, bills, bills…  Ugh the dreaded monthly expenses that take away from our precious discretionary income.

    If you live in Philadelphia (or the surrounding area), you’re probably well acquainted with your Peco Electric bill.  While you can’t avoid paying it, there’s some good news that comes along with your Peco bill. Peco is a company taking initiative towards environmental sustainability.

     You may have noticed on your monthly Peco bill that the company is doing its part to support the development of wind energy.  Perhaps you’re already contributing.

    If not, here’s the breakdown: For an additional monthly fee of only $2.54, you’re helping to foster the development of Pennsylvania’s renewable wind energy.  Your contribution supports wind energy delivered directly to Pennsylvania’s electric grid-lessening our dependency on fossil fuels like oil and coal.  The more people contribute, the more wind energy that’ll be delivered to the power grid.

    The future of energy development is a critical issue (and one that’s not going away.)  Wind energy is caused by the heating of the earth’s surface by the sun.  Wind energy, a form of solar energy, is the means by which wind is used to generate electricity or mechanical power.

    Wind turbines are used to convert kinetic energy in the wind to electrical energy.  The wind turns blades that spin a shaft; the shaft connects to a generator and produces energy. Wind farms eliminate nasty air and water pollution because no fuel is used. 

    Next time your Peco bill arrives (hopefully via email notice- cutting down on paper!) consider contributing- It’s a wise investment in the future of our energy.

    Check out more info here.

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