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    PGW Natural Gas Suppliers: What’s the “Green” choice?

    Did you know you can pick your own natural gas supplier through PGW in Philly?

    What’s the most “sustainable” choice?

    In PA, you can pick your residential energy supplier through PECO. If you haven’t explored this yet, we highly recommend switching to a local clean energy supplier like Inspire Energy or the Energy Co-Op ASAP.

    What’s the best PGW Natural Gas supplier?

    In Philadelphia, Peco customers can choose a natural gas supplier for their energy bills.

    The Energy Co-Op offers Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). Essentially, the Energy Co-Op purchases credits that capture landfill gas instead of gas molecules from natural gas. By nature, Natural Gas extraction tends to be pretty dirty.

    What’s the deal with Natural Gas & Fracking?

    Fracking takes 3 million gallons of water per frack, can lead to contamination harming locals in rural areas and way more problems with the fracking industry. But if you’re a resident in Philly, chances are you have natural gas to help you live day-to-day. Read our recap for a quick & dirty review.

    However, if you’re looking for a “green” natural gas, you’re out of luck. It’s all pretty much the same, although some companies may claim to have LEED buildings; etc. As Paul Spiegel of Practical Energy Solutions (and one of our previous energy panelists) says,

    “It’s all natural gas, though I guess if the harvesting method is NOT fracking, there would be slightly lower environmental impacts.”

    However, if you want to check rates and research the natural gas companies, you can do that. In order to see what suppliers are available to you, go to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and enter your zip code.

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