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    Franny Lou’s Porch Kickstarter

    Franny Lou's Porch

    Franny Lou’s Porch is opening as a coffee & tea house in fall 2014 in the East Kensington Neighborhood (19125). Owner Blew Kind is creating a space open to engage in activism, cultural awareness and advocacy. Did we mention they’ll be organic and natural, too?

    Here’s their mission statement:

    Franny Lou’s Porch, named in honor of  Frances E. W. Harper and Fannie Lou Hamer,  will be a warm space engaging in community activism, cultural awareness, relational business practices, a vehicle for advocacy, and most importantly, a place of rest. Our desire is to be a place that is intentional in connecting to our neighbors and our products. A place to encourage those that want to be simple, healthy, and aware.

    Their video gives more about the mission:

    If you’re moved, head over to their Kickstarter page to support:

    If you love what we do, you can support our mission with a one-time or monthly contribution:

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