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    7 Best Office Plants to (Literally) Clear the Air

    Ever wonder why when one person feels under the weather in an office there is a domino effect and all of a sudden everyone starts getting sick?

    The answer is simple; when you stay in a closed environment for more extended periods of time the probability of you catching a virus and getting sick becomes higher. In addition to this, office central cooling and heating systems result in poor air quality. As a result of all these factors, workers with weakened immune systems tend to get sick rather quickly and then pass it on to other workers in the near vicinity. (Gross.)

    One way to improve indoor air quality is by adding office plants to the environment. Not only will these plants result in an improved and green outlook for the office, but they will also help create an environment that is pollutant-free. Find out your best indoor office plants options suitable for your daily work life.

    7 Best Office Plants to Keep Indoors

    1. Peace Lily: Good office plants to remove toxinspeace lily

    Peace Lily does not only make your office space look fresh and beautiful but also has the benefit of removing toxins in the air due to the presence of printers, paints and other adhesives in an office space. They also prefer light partial shade and can tolerate fluorescent lights, making it ideal for your office.

    2. Spider Plant: low maintenance indoor office plants spider plant

    Spider plants are perfect for an indoor environment like an office. Spider plants do not require a lot of maintenance and need indirect light to grow. Plus, they enjoy cooler temps like 55-65*F.

    3. Philodendron: office plants for bright, indirect sunlight Philodendron

    This is another plant that does not require a lot of maintenance or light to survive. Philodendron has gorgeous looking large leaves that make it an excellent contender for a hanging plant.It also helps reduce the excess carbon dioxide found in the air and purifies the air you breathe.

    4. Golden PothosGolden Pothos

    Golden pothos leaves a beautiful trail of yellow and green leaves that make them an ideal choice for a gorgeous hanging plant in your office. This plant, like others, can purify the environment. Golden pothos has been known to be one of the best plants to be used for indoor spaces. However, keep away from children and pets, as this plant is toxic.

    5. Chinese Evergreens

    Chinese Evergreen

    This plant is well known in China and is symbolic of a long life. It is a beautiful plant with striking green leaves and does not require a lot of maintenance, even called one of the most durable houseplants tolerating poor light, dry air, and drought. A beginner’s dream!

    6. English Ivy: versatile for outdoors or indoor office plantsenglish ivy

    You’ll want an office with a window for this one – English ivy needs bright light. English Ivy is a beautiful looking long trail of a green plant that does not require a warm temperature and constant watering. It is considered to be ideal for use in office space because of its air purification properties.

    7. Snake Plant

    Snake PlantPhoto: Gardening Know How 

    This is a tall plant reflecting a beautiful blend of yellow and green that requires minimal maintenance and at the same time absorbs the surrounding toxins for you.

    In addition to making your office air cleaner, indoor plants also reduce the level of stress experienced by the workers. However, make sure you buy and love these best office plants by watering and giving the proper amount of sunlight. If you’re out of the office, appoint someone else to water them regularly.

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