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    7 Places to Volunteer in Philly

    We celebrated the holidays with our Fall Harvest Happy Hour last Thursday. Six local organizations shared volunteer opportunities with over 40 attendees to get involved and give back locally.

    (Special thanks to our sponsors &Pizza for donating pies and Inspire, a local of renewable energy supplier in Philadelphia.)


    Are you looking to make a difference in your neighborhood or make Philly better? Here’s where to give back this season.

    7 Places to Volunteer in Philadelphia

    Here’s your list of places to volunteer:

    1. Not In Philly

    Block by block they’re cleaning up Philly.

    Not in Philly (a SustainPHL 2017 nominee), realizes that Philly has a litter problem and did something about it. During their first year of operation, over 1,000 neighbors have committed to pick up and get rid of litter on their block. You can volunteer with them at NotinPhilly.orgNot in Philly

    2. Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS)

    Building beauty every day

    The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society connects people with horticultural to build healthy, beautiful communities. PHS hosts year-round educational workshops, tree planting, and other events. Volunteer at the upcoming Flower Show, which will come to the Convention Center in March.

    3. Moms Clean Air Force

    Fighting air pollution & climate change

    Moms Clean Air Force is made up of Moms and Dads who are passionate about Clean air and keeping children healthy. They hold educational events around the state, and lobby in both D.C. and Harrisburg. If you’re a Mom (or Dad!), join them in their efforts in educating and advocating to our legislators on the issues that matter to their constituents.

    4. PennEnvironment

    Protecting PA and the places you love

    PennEnvironment offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for citizens to do something about their concerns. Whatever time commitment you can give, from an hour a month to a few hours a week, you can research, help prepare for media events, data entry and in office assistance, help collect signatures and phone banking. PennEnvironment has volunteer opportunities on the issues you care about, doing the tactics you’re excited about, and on the environmental issues you want to work on!Volunteer HH

    5. PennFuture

    A watchdog group for clean air, pure water, and a more healthy climate.

    PennFuture is promoting a new program called Advocates for Conservation and the Environment (ACE). ACE organizes teams of volunteers to educate state and federal legislators about conservation and environmental issues. It’s a non-partisan group, so citizens meet their legislators on both sides of the aisle. PennFuture also empowers citizens to be engaged decision-makers in their communities.

    6. Clean Air Council

    Visit Bob Casey’s office with a thank you

    The U.S. Senate’s last day of sessions for 2017 is December 15. While Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey tries to protect what’s left of the Environmental Protection Agency before the holidays, visiting his office at 20th and Market for a quick and highly efficient message to keep public health and climate change at the top of his radar. It can be as simple as a handwritten ‘thank you’ note for his public statements in support of the Clean Power Plan, the first-ever standard for carbon dioxide pollution from existing power plants. His office also readily receives more detailed reports of your vision for a healthier Philadelphia. Please contact Russell Zerbo at rzerbo@cleanair.org to get started.

    7. The Philadelphia Orchard Project

    Save to your Spring to-dos.

    Join Philadelphia Orchard Project from March-November, volunteer with planting, mulching, and weeding. There’s also a POPHarvest group where you can volunteer to gather unwanted fruit that would go to waste at sites all over the city. POP is also seeking an Orchard Liaison, who would be assigned to one of their 59 community orchards and commit to visiting the site monthly and helping lead orchard days.


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