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    8 Easy Day Trips From Philly

    Even though Philly has a lot to offer during the summer from parks, pop up beer gardens and street festivals, it is always nice to get away. Luckily, Philadelphia is close to exciting destinations, which allows us to have one-day mini vacations whenever we please!

    Whether you are looking for an action-packed or a relaxing day, the below list will help you plan your next day trip from Philly either by public transit or a short car ride.

    8 Day Trips from Philly

    1. Jersey Shore

    55 to 95 miles from Philadelphia

    The good ol’ Jersey Shore is a common vacation spot for Philadelphia natives. An easy drive can take as little as one hour if you go to a nearby beach such as Margate, Brigantine, or Atlantic City. If you’re willing to drive a little farther, you can visit Wildwood with its famous boardwalks, Cape May to view the grand Victorian houses, or Sea Side Heights if you want to “beat the beat up.” No matter what New Jersey beach you decide to go to, you’re guaranteed to have a good time soaking up the sun and munching on some boardwalk favorites.

    2. New Hope, PA

    43 miles from Philadelphia

    If you are looking for a relaxing escape from the city, New Hope is the perfect day trip for you. Just about an hour up I-95 in Bucks County, this town is filled with mom and pop shops, restaurants on the river, and beautiful old-fashioned homes that will keep you in awe all day long. The lush green landscape is beautifully accented by the Delaware River that flows right on the edge of town. After you have explored New Hope, take a stroll over the river into Lambertville, New Jersey, and check out the other side of the bridge has to offer!

    3. The Pine Barrens

    35 to 100 miles from Philadelphia

    The Pine Barrens, also known as Pinelands Natural Reserve, is located in New Jersey and stretches across over 1 million acres of land, sweeping across more than seven counties in New Jersey. This heavily wooded area is home to various wildlife, beautiful scenery, and hundreds of hiking trails. The Pine Barrens hold a lot of history, so read up before you go.

    4. Washington DC

    140 miles from Philadelphia

    Whether you drive, take the train, or catch the bus to DC you can make it there within one and a half to three hours, depending on traffic and mode of transportation. Once you are there, it is easy to have a jammed packed day of historic sites, Smithsonian museums or unique finds like Underground Bald Cypress Fossils and Dupont Underground. After a long day of exploring the city, grab dinner at one of DC’s highly rated restaurants.

    5. Pine Creek Gorge

    200 miles from Philadelphia

    Did you know Pennsylvania has its very own Grand Canyon? It’s not quite the same as the famous Arizona landmark, but The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania offers just as much beauty as the real one! Also known as the Pine Creek Gorge, this area of land is positioned right in the Tioga State Forest and offers all the outdoor activities you could hope for. Hike along the 47-mile long gorge, camp on the Allegheny Plateau, or bike through the 160,000 acres of forest on your day trip to the “Grand Canyon.”

    6. Baltimore

    105 miles from Philadelphia

    Catch the train from 30th Street station and be in Baltimore in just one hour! For fun on the harbor, watch street performers, look out for Mr. Trash Wheel and enjoy the beautiful boats float by. The famous Baltimore Aquarium is in located right near the water as well, so it is easy to factor this into your day trip plans. Later on, you can make your way over to the Oriole’s field and watch a baseball game to round out your day vacation.

    7. The Pocono Mountains

    102 miles from Philadelphia

    Take a trip up north to the Poconos and enjoy a beautiful day in the mountains. Select one of the various hiking trails the mountains have to offer and bask in the outstanding forest views. Bushkill Falls is a popular hiking destination because of its massive waterfalls and misty hiking trails, so be sure to check out this great spot! If you are looking to do something other than hiking, visit Camelback Mountain’s Camel Beach Waterpark.

    8. New York City

    97 miles from Philadelphia

    Depending on your mode of transportation, you can get to New York City in about one and a half to two hours. Once you’re there, the city is yours! You can do a traditional Broadway show or picnic in Central Park. Go off the beaten path to check out the Dream House or Evolution Nature Store or try a pickled soft serve – the list goes on and on. Plan your day to get the most out of your time in the big apple!

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