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  • Alex Elman Wines Review

    Sometimes you hear a story about someone who has faced adversity and not only risen above their challenges but done something good because of them. Stories like that are inspiring, and have a way of putting things in perspective. In my eyes this is one of them.

    Alex Elman lost her sight at 27 years old due to complications from diabetes. Her loss of one sense helped heighten another – taste.  She discovered she possesses an exceptional palette for wine tasting.  She decided to combine her focused palette and passion for wine to launch her own business.

    Alex travels the world sampling wines from vineyards who emphasize responsible agricultural practices. Sustainable farming practices are an important part of Alex’s selection.

    When Alex’s marketing department contacted us asking if we’d like to do a review – I didn’t need to be asked twice. I love featuring organic, sustainable companies on GPB and I love wine tasting even more (kidding…sort of.)  

    Alex Elman’s current wine “collection” features four wines from Argentina: a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Malbec and a Torrontes.  Each wine was selected from sustainable wineries that respect the land, grapes and the traditions of wine making.

    Alex’s team sent over the Malbec and Chardonnay. The Malbec, a red wine, was incredibly smooth and not too peppery. I tasted distinct notes of cherries, blackberry and plum. I’d recommend this for anyone who enjoys a medium bodied red.  It actually tasted even better after I let it “breath” over night. I really enjoyed this wine!

    Admittedly, Chardonnay is my least favorite varietal of wine. However, I know many, many people who love themselves a bottle of Chard so I enlisted some help to sample this. Not too buttery, not too oaky this Chardonnay is likely a crowd-pleaser for those who enjoy a milder taste. This is a bottle that is best served very, very cold and a nice companion to seafood or poultry.

    GPB readers I encourage you to try Alex’s wines.  Check out Alex Elman wines to find buying locations near you!

    Posted by Beth

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