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    Five Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions That’ll Save You Money

    green-new-years-2013Well helloooo 2013!  As a new year is upon us and we’re bombarded with ideas on how to be our best, thinnest, richest, smartest self ever we have some ideas to throw in the mix. Of course these resolutions are good for the planet, and the bonus is they’re also good for your wallet (and don’t involve a gym membership or chalky protein shakes.)  After all, who isn’t looking to save a few bucks as those holiday credit card bills roll in?

    1. Ban disposables. This year why not vow to forgo throw-away household items and choose a more sustainable option.  Two super simple ideas:

    • Skip disposable razors  that’ll likely end up in a landfill, and try a triple razor – they’re 100% recyclable, last a long time and are reasonably priced at $8.49. When you’re shelling out upwards of $10.00 for a Gilet or Schick razor every few weeks this is a steal.
    • Instead of cleaning up with disposable paper towels make reusable cleaning rags. (I recently cut up some older than dirt t-shirts that work well. ) This is a tough habit to get in if you’re used to reaching for a paper towel every time you spot a crumb but overtime it’ll add up to decent savings.

    2. Run your home more efficiently. The energy used to heat (and cool) your home can contribute largely to your personal or familial carbon footprint. Simple things like turning down the heat and bundling up at night, securing drafty windows and checking for leaks can help. Further, you might be able to save some dough by scheduling an energy audit and figuring out where you can cut back.

    3. Eat close to home. Meaning local, friends.  If you haven’t jumped on the CSA bandwagon yet 2013 is the time. CSAs help you cook at home more, and dining out less will undoubtedly help your fiscal situation. Plus, the food is local and has a smaller carbon footprint.

    Additionally, when shopping at the grocery store keep your eye out for where the produce you buy originates. Food that’s not in season will likely hail from Mexico and Peru, will cost more and won’t taste as good.

    4. Less is more.  This year aim to downsize. This doesn’t mean you can never shop again but it does mean putting thought into your purchases. Consider how many uses you’ll get out of that new sports equipment, wears out of that pricey sweater or how much the size of your TV really matters.  Another handy rule of thumb whether you’re purchasing new clothes, furniture or housewares  is to donate,  recycle or freecycle the items you’re replacing. This will help cut down on all the crap in your house, and keep you off the show Horders.

    5.Enjoy a staycation. While I can’t say the Caribbean doesn’t sound pretty darn good right now sometimes a makeshift at-home vacation is just as relaxing. It’s also a significantly less expensive and greener choice. No airfare and car travel can save big-time emissions. Savoring your existing environment whether it’s at home this winter, or in your backyard during the warmer months is a good option to consider when you need a little R & R.

    Happy New Year! What are your green resolutions for 2013?


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