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  • Get out of those Plastic-Polluting Yoga Pants & Into Organic Cotton. prAna-Spring-Collection-2018 Full view

    Get out of those Plastic-Polluting Yoga Pants & Into Organic Cotton.

    Going sustainable isn’t purely about what you’re recycling or how you’re getting to work.

    Have you thought about what you put on your body?

    (I’m talking clothes here.)

    The problem with conventional workout gear

    Many conventional workout gear is made from synthetic materials like Nylon, acrylic, polyester and other materials are all made from petroleum-based plastics. Made from tiny plastic threads, they’re woven together.

    The problem with all this gear? Microplastics. Tiny little microfibers are released whenever you wash your clothes, traveling to wastewater treatment plants, rivers, lakes and oceans. As much as 1.7 grams of microplastics from one jacket can end up in waterways.   From there, they’re getting embedded into the tissues of marine life, which makes its way up the food chain to your plate. (Gross.)

    But you shouldn’t give up yoga because you’re accidentally shedding plastics into the waterways. Especially when practicing yoga can take you to gorgeous places like a SUP yoga retreat in Tulum.

    prAna – 100% organic collection

    Lucky for you, you don’t have to give up comfy yoga pants in order to leave less of an impact. One company that’s making the switch to 100% organic cotton? prAna.

    prAna is focusing on 100% organic cotton because it’s fewer chemicals for workers, helps regenerate soil and saves water. And by choosing organic cotton, you’re saying no to synthetic, polluting plastics. The company mission is focused on creating versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing that you can wear from adventures to every day. Plus, this social impact company partners with local and international charities for cleanups, sending aids for natural disasters and donates a portion of proceeds to Outdoor Outreach, a nonprofit that connects underserved youths to the outdoors.

    And you’re not just choosing a sustainable option that’s a trade down. My humble opinion? I tried a pair of prAna’s Leda Pant, and O.M.G. The pants feel SO comfy, they’re a chic coal shade that matches my colorful workout tops – and get this: they have POCKETS! (Yoga pants with pockets – what more could you want?) They’re perfect for workouts or my favorite lazy activity of couch lounging.

    Bonus: If you need new prAna gear, you can save 15% off with code GGJH18.


    *prAna did send me the sweet prAna pants complimentary, but all opinions are my own, including comfy AF. 

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